How Do These Plans Work?

A very common question among the prepaid phone plan retailers, “How do prepaid phone plans work?” Well, sorry to disappoint anyone who likes to over-complicate things, but its extremely easy. Once you’ve figured out which service and your general usage estimate, visit your local electronics store (some grocery stores and other convenience stores will keep prepaid phones in-stock), and pick out the phone with that service you like best.

Prepaid Phone CardsAfter you’ve made your purchase and gone through the activation steps detailed inside the packaging, it’s time to buy some minutes! Generally every prepaid phone bundle will come with included minutes – however…these will not generally suffice for the month. You must find and purchase, ‘minutes.’ These will come in the forms of cards, very similar to calling cards (in fact…it’s the same thing). Each card is unique to the brand of plan. If you have a TracFone, don’t purchase V-Mobile cards…they will not work – and these cards are non-refundable.

Each phone has a unique way of uploading the purchased minutes to the phone. Generally, you’ll have to type in the activation code of the card. The service will recognize how many minutes were on that unique card, and appropriately credit your account.

Often, these plans will require you to purchase as low as 20 minutes per month – or every 3 months to keep your phone number activated. This is part of the ‘fine print’ you will need to read, however, if for some reason your phone number is deactivated – there will not be any charges. You may or may not lose all minutes which were previously on that phone. This is where a good customer service department will come in handy!