Prepaid Phone Plan Reviews

With the countless phones and prepaid plans on the market today, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. This page will help you choose general companies based on your needs and wants.

Best Overall Prepaid Phone Plan

Virgin Mobile wins this award!

virgin-mobileEarly 2009, a survey constructed by J.D. Power and Associates retrieved feedback from nearly 3,000 prepaid plan users. Between PC Magazine and Prepaid Reviews dot com, an additional 70,000+ results were gathered. Virgin Mobile (which runs off of the Sprint-Nextel network) was ranked as the Best Overall Prepaid Phone Plan. Here are the results!

Pro’s Con’s
Service Coverage is spectacular. Dropped calls and static interference are greatly reduced, if not minimized. V-Mobile generally targets the younger phone-users.
The customer service is impeccable! Nearly all feedback points to an easy to use and understand CS as well as their ability to reach desired outcomes. Virgin Mobile has a very limited assortment of phones for the customer to choose from. Often there are a handful produced at any given time and made available to the public. So, if you wanted that new Sidekick phone…don’t count on V-Mobile carrying it.
There are tons of plan options including various amounts of minutes, texting options, and other data rates (internet usage). Some surveys have reported the use of the virgin mobile website and plan details are considerably confusing to a first time buyer. While contracts are very spelled out, prepaid phone plans have lots of fine print you want to read!

Other ‘Best’ Prepaid Phone Plans

T-Mobile To Go – Best for occasional use
TracFone – Best call quality
T-Mobile To Go – Best for emergency use
Metro PCS – Best for local calling